3KnD Koop ‘N’ Deadly 1503 A.M - Wendy & Friends

    Hey Everyone, one of my favourite stations & programs “ Wendy & Friends “ deserves a big shout out for our spin today and all the support we’ve had over our life time as a band.

     What I’m really stoked about is that the station has just received 9 million in much needed and we’ll deserved funding from the Government. 
      3KnD Kool N Deadly is Melbourne’s only all indigenous owned and operated station, it has been a massive support to all indigenous artists and is heavily involved in the local community and obviously very connected around Australia to the other networks involved in promoting great Aussie music. 
       Secretly, a little guilty pleasure - It’s also just great to get a spin on the A.M dial - I can’t tell you why but I’ll hazzard a guess. I think coming from Broken Hill, I just grew up on great A.M stations that are littered throughout the bush, so that’s got to be a little part of it.

   Anyhow it’s always a buzz and an honour for us.  X