Album Update 2014

We are away, we have 75% finished one song , '' Wreck my Soul '' and have laid out the bare bones of two more tracks. We are also working three nights a week writing and crafting the tunes, probably a safe bet would be three hours per session , some of them have been six. It's safe to say we're emersed . We are going to put out Wreck my Soul ahead of the album as a prelude to whats to come, this album is the most way out romp into uncharted margins. I have to say Brett Sody of Sody Pop is a great person to work with, he has a boundless enthusiasm and is always ''on '' and into the music, for this album we have by fact of absolute acts of genious, made him the producer, it's just turning out that way, his ideas are supreme and as our musical relationship unfolds and broadens through the sheer number of hours we have spent recording music the output is hitting a new level, peace to you all.

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