Amrap/airit loses funding,it isn't right

 For those who don't know,amrap provides an invaluable distribution service for aussie musos to get their music to the thriving and crucial network of community radio stations. Now with triplej only taking on 8 new songs a week and getting 300 new releases a week, it's getting harder and harder for bands to get play on the national broadcaster so what's the answer to that? Amrap. Example, we have had spot plays on jjj but not rotation, meaning for us to be able to tour and break even we need someone else to fly the flag and amrap did this for us. From being relatively unknown around the place apart from a core group of our staunch aussie followers, one amrap run has effectively doubled our audience and has meant that when we gig we get people who have found out about us from amrap, the community network allows us to continue to make our art and know that it will be heard, after all that's the goal of most artists, to have a platform. Now you would think that a labor govnmnt traditionally is the group that has always supported the arts, starting off in the whitlam era. It saddens us all to think that they are not funding this crucial service and we wonder what the long term effect will be on the aussie music scene.
   Please write to your local member, blog, rattle cages and help create a critical mass of people who are turning the screw to get the funding back, and bands and individuals who value true art made because it has to be made, not to sell soap, you people, SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY STATION AND SUPPORT THE STATIONS THAT SUPPORT YOU.

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