AMRAP/Airit Now -Cutting Edge Pick - '' To The Motel ''

 We must say we are very chuffed to selected for this category, our last single fitted both the Now and Great Southern as it was suitable to be played anywhere, where as To The Motel is a garage alt rock tune that isn't everybodys cup of hemlock. The interesting thing is it took 1 really focused standard and practices dude to even pick that there were unsavoury themes, not even the band got it, I think it's because it's interspersed with some humourous lines '' I'm going to put you out of my misery and when your phone don't ring you'll know it's me ''. The most interesting thing that has yet to surface is the use of an old tin pan alley tradition where you borrow a lick and reuse it, I have borroew something from a female jazz musician singer that some musicologist is going to discover one day and freak the jazz world out and the rock world, never the twain shall meet, but they met and they met like they were always meant for rock, but those jazz cats man, iv'e done time on the road in jazz groups and they are the original fucking gangsters, Splash Drinkwater and his crew are a bunch oif dirty old bastards and some of the basement crew I comped for on various runs of gigs etc are filthy dirty scoundrels, love em all, anyhow a jazz lyric that shows the scene aint different from band to band, era to era.

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