Amrap - Best description so far - Badge of honour

Amrap said this -''The William Street Strikers are Genre Agnostic, while being a typical four piece they cover Rock, Soul, Funk, Country and Pop Gems, you will enjoy.''......Now who would not be happy with, this band from it's inception wanted specifically and quite deliberately, not to be limited by any one particular genre. All the bands that we collectively like, the ones that have continually produced albums at regular intervals, have been musical bower birds and we wanted to use our collective broad influences and chops and musical dexterity , to be musically promiscuous and write music that pleased us. We hoped of course that we would find an audience, and we are very pleased that our core followers now expect nothing less of us but, it was difficult terrain to navigate for the first few years and releases as in this game, a style, branding, being easily identifiable etc are all important to many industry people because of time constraints and an increasingly flooded market place. The end result of our toil, Five releases, hundreds of shows, 8 years of hard work is, that we are very happy with our place amongst and in the Australian musical landscape, the rich tapestry that it is, we are content and glad to have our platform to contribute our little piece of art and culture to the brilliant palette that awaits our brush stroke......

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