Crucial Fix-Sound Addiction.also stop using our artform into a mechanism for the middle.

 As you guys know, we devolved for our last recording and loved every minute of it. Now we're hooked, as in obsessed. Watching a Queen DvD about the tap dancing in a day at the races and discovering that it was done by the band, putting on thimbles, yes that is right, your good old nanas thible and putting mikes around a table, a wooden table, and imitating tap dancing by rhythmically hand tap dancing, from there you head over to Launay and tin foil in bass drums, and Kate Bush and wait, i'm gunna put a full stop and freak you out. Mo Town, Staxx Records, songs like '' Baby baby, where's our love go '' etc, well they hung heavy duty chains, the type you'd use to lift a truck engine, and use 12 hanging from a hook, then beat the chain in time with the drums with a specially made metal rod, and that is what is hidden in those mixes and get the hips a moving, you know the groove those records have, MY POINT BEING, that today I believe we've all become lazy because of the glut of plug ins and ready made sounds, I mean even before we entered our new phase I'd never fucking allow a pre recorded tambourine, hand clap etc, that just seemed like a humanity killer, fuck the homogenization of music at the moment, anyhow where am I, oh yeah so we're getting all our sounds for our sonngs that we're doing for the next album organically and made by ourselves, we're trying to put some art, some rock, some god dame anti - insert god damned boring as batshit but commercially successful band here - middle finger to that bunch of fucking hirstute beard stroking milieu, as in that's not a slant on any particular band, it's more just a bit of come the fuck on on, shouldn't we bleed a little bit, fuck you and those responsible for the Australian Music scene turning establishment, it's n ot what our medium was created for.

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