Dave Saul - Crazy Dave - The Rock Shed - Great Lakes F.M 101.5

      We'd like to thank Dave Saul, A.K.A professionally as Crazy Dave, who heads the show '' the Rock Shed '' from 6pm - 10 pm Friday nights on Great Lakes FM. We've been getting a few spins recently off our 1st full length album '' Keep Left '' . He's spun ''Radio'' and '' It's Getting Lonely '' Let me tell you a bit about Dave, he's a prick!!!  WHAT!? no, NO, no, that's not what i meant to say or even thought, my bloody Tourettes playing up again, even through the key board. No Crazy Dave has recently won the Southern Community Media X Award for best interview for his excellent interview with BandinTexas. It's quite an achievement as he's only had the show running for 18 months which in radio land is not long at all. If you listen to the interview, which is available on the normal channels, there's a link on the stations site, you'll notice it has all the elements of a great interview, it flows, it has humour, it has content and it doesn' sound contrived, which is the deathknel for interviews in radio format, when things are too smooth and pre planned too much they have that well worn formulaic sound. You need some form to an interview, a basic idea of what you want to fit in and what questions are going to be of importance to the audience and the band but you must also let the interview breath and this is why this interview won. It breathes and has timing and flow.

    Anyhow we're pleased to have graced some pretty cool set lists of late and as a band who survives from community radio, we know how important DJ's like Dave are, we got our spread from being in the top 10 Airit Charts for over 2 months with our Debut Album. Before that we had always had great support around the country but when that album hit, it penetrated and pushed us in a position where when we toured, we were filling rooms and selling merch. This keeps a band firing, cheers to Crazy Dave and The Rock Shed........ 

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