Dj Marcus Smith Cairns F.M

 It's always a refreshing surprise when you get a dj who just doesn't read your press release and quote from that, it's like going through the motions and comes across that way. This is not always the case though, w have a few dj's, some of whom we have put up their interviews. Marcus lives and breathes music, not just one form as his bodacious dreads would suggest, he is into such a wide and varied knowledge that there's not much you could get past him without him knowing where you got the inspiration from, also he is helping us get up there for a show, now that's unabated music passion, like a band has to, he also lives it, breathes it, looks like it, he's no false prophet, I like the wild ones, the mad to live, mad to love mad to express, mad to be in the thick of it, Mr Smith we tilt our hat to you for your selfless service to the Australian indie music scene, we need more of you, respect.

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