Drop the gun nash

Iv'e been pretty much awake for a week, a few cat naps here and there but there's been no sleep till brooklin. We waded through hours and hours of footage and went over and over our new clip and we finally signed off on it. Not a bad effort for a week. My adrenaline is running low now and the nervous energy has now gone sour, 11 oclock is when the party turned nasty and my previous madness/creative bent turned into paranoia and mild hallucinations, sleep deprivation will do that to you, hence it's a prefered war torture method, although denied by the American Government and most governments for that matter, where was I., or am I, tangent much, oh yeah, I wrote four cool songs in this last seven days, that's how it goes with me, intense periods of fervent creativity followed by chasms of writers block, a kind of bi polar pattern of song writing. What I'd like to know is who am I talking to, is this the real life, or is this just fantacy, am I caught in a landslide and escaped from reality, i'll open my eyes look up to the sky and see..........      please don't kill me eva, you know I love living, i'm bumping into the best people lately, like real switched on beautiful intelligent sensitive down to earth mad to live mad to love mad to be free people, I love it when the torrent of life serves up this dish, people who are really living their lives with flair, saying something, expressing themselves, through the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, the way they talk and the things they say, the wild eyed ones, mad to live, mad to live, mad to live, pretty in pink, sucking it all in and blowing it all out, heavy breathed and escaping out of bedroom windows at four in the morning smelling of dried up love, skulking through the thick green garden out to the car, roaring off into the night to sleep little and rise again.

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