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Man, after youv'e been doing this for a while you get used to the undulating level of intensity that comes about between periods of frenzied activity and the lulls of non productivity. One thing that is always hard for a band is playing to empty rooms, now any body who's honest, and as I said, has been doing it for a while will tell you that unless you hit the peak level of sucess like a massive juggernaut, your'e going to experience this, what you have to learn to do though, is give your very best in every given situation, be it a full room, or an empty one, and i'm just as guilty of not following my own advice as anyone, like at our gig blast night, it was so hard because we'd been getting used to things going sweet, and then through a combination of factors it was a quiet night sat night, and as i said a band relys on a triangle of kinetic energy, we play, the audiance listens, the audiance responds, we get that vibe and then throw it back out to the crowd in a big continuum. When you are only playing to a few people, the atmoshere is lacking and you just can't take the response to heart, you need to remember that the people that are there are listening, just like you, they can't exactly hang from the rafters if the vibe isn't set up for that, but they might be sitting there very attentively and you have to remeber that every person who's made the effort to come is an important and potential long term supporter. Man, what i'm dissapointed about in myself personally is, i didn't get a performing hard on, and phoned in the show, i got too wasted and stumbled around the stage, my banter was incoherent, and with all my experiance, i couldn't pull myself up out of thye funk i was in so just sang with my eyes closed the whole gig. It's been haunting me for a day now and i got to let it go but it's a hard lesson to have to learn. I remember playing with a big name aussie legend who's won arias and had a string of hits in every decade since the 70's, I was just supporting in an accoustic mode with just myself on a stool, but he did give me some sage advice. It was weird to watch this guy churn through a set, with a full 7 piece band, knowing that the 25 or so people in total, including the bar staff, mixer etc were all scratching our heads in bemusement wonmdering where the crowd was that night. But this guy didn't miss a beat, he plays with the shades on which with the other info here probaly gives those with a more astute knowledge of oz music a big clue as to his identity, but i don't feel right in saying it out loud here. But yeah it's the long and winding road of music, when i see the tv adds for ex frontmen of huge bands coming over here and playing to smaller rsl's etc, and the camera shots just look so, small and almost front bar- ish, it's a weird thing, like you read their biographys and see pics of them at the isle of white etc and you wonder why they bother, but the answer is, what elase do they do, i mean do you just stop when the tide fades, no! music is a lifelong passion and what i now realise is, as iv'e said in regards to myself, just having one person like your stuff is a buzz, so why would it be any differsnt to a big name, if they are getting 500 people instead of 50,000 people that doesn't make a difference to them, it's still a crowd, and that's the essnce of why anyone does it, to play and share and get response from someone else, so these days when i see, so and so presents, so and so at the crown casino in sunny queensland, i get why, i used to go, oh cmon so and so, your'e ruining your legend, why man, how wrong i was, really some of those dudes should be applauded for doing it for the people who never got to see it when they were in their prime, and iv'e also learned that a lot of these dudes and dudettes had poor finacial advice, shady agents, drug, clothes, car, gambling etc habits or record deals that were just unbelievabley harsh, so they actually aren't rich and famous, just famous, now how fucking hard would that be!? your'e a bit older, people have a pre conceived idea of you, they don't want to believe that you need to work, or drive a cheap old car, or have a mortgage, and youv'e got all these unrealistic projections on you without the monetary security, so yeah, entertainment is a cruel, cruel business.
one of the hardest things that i hear a lot of really talented people say, is that they think that just because they are talented that they should be as high up as some people who are there and may have less talent, it's just not an industry like that, there are no steps or pathways like in a traditinal career that will assure you sucess, iv'e heard dave grohl say that he wouldn't advise his own kids to do it as 99% of the time it just doesn't pay off, thats a hard and depressing fact when you here it from one of the worlds shining lights, and even his story, there was a lot of luck, listen to bernard fanning, he has a similar take, just look at what has happened post finger, with all their respective local profiles, not one of the members new projects have gained any traction. god i'm giving my self a bummer, time to maybe go and strum a tune in the dunny

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