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 Ok today's question and it's a good one, is " when did the industry change into what it has become today " by Juan, well I think that the industry changed when accountants sta,rted to run labels in the late 60's early 70's, before that you still had the giants, but you also had guys like Jac Holzman  and Ahmet Ertegun who were music fans and started labels to put out music for passion. Those labels were bought out by multi national interests who turned it into all about units ( art for arts sake, hits for fuck sake - Don Arden ) and dollars and there was gradually the fading out of the situation where artist were allowed to grow on labels, you know, Paul Butterfield, Love, Maggie Bell, The Stooges Mc5 and the list goes on. Smaller boutique labels did fill some of that void and the DIY ethic was and will always be there but the whole business got mega with bands starting to fill large venues in the late 60's which took it from 2000 ballrooms to 10-20,000 venues and everything got mega, so yeah it will probably go through more cycling but there was always chart filler, always vacuous boy and girl bands, you know same soldier different helmet, It's a great time to do it now for artists of ant genre and any art form really, good question, If I wasn't cluster funded I could go on as it was apart of my major at Uni, the history of popular music, thesis, but I'm so tired, I've hardly slept a wink, I'm oh so tired, my mind is on the blink, I wonder if I should get up and fix myself a drink.

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