Having a Blow with Cal Williams Jnr..

    So I was on my down to pick up my smashed guitar ( another broken neck from over enthusiasm while off tap and windmilling the shit out of her ) and I hear that Cal's going to be doing some uke at the pub. Now iv'e never played a uke and always being on the lookout for new experiences, combined with my curiosity of seeing Cal play it, i rock up. I always rock up, i'd like to samba, maybe even the twist, but i usually just rock. Anyhow Cal is there and we get to talking and head out to the back room before his class starts. He picks the thing up and peels like the kid in deliverance. To me this is a mating call, I have no will to resist and no want to, so I start to blow and manage to get right inside, i blurt out a lick or two. It took me back a long fucking way, it was brilliant!. The only hard part was sitting in on the class and not jumping up to sing every time he got that thing humming. I accidentally let a couple of doggerel lines blurt out as Cal was trying to teach, poor bastard ( he was way to polite to tell me to shut the fuck up, i did it to myself though ). So I have Cals book and i've learnt a few chords and decided I'm going to keep going with it.

      The End.

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