HomeBrew Radio-Interview this week

 Hey people, we'll be on Brommers @ Noddys show on homebrew this week if anyone want to tune in, the show goes out to over 80 or so stations across Oz so it aint hard to find em on the dial, it's really good timing because wer'e heading across to Vic a couple of weeks after that, i'm glad that they kept our interview to fit in with that, anyhow if you havent tuned into the station before and your'e into oz music, youv'e been living in the dark ages, they do a great service for oz bands and we couldn't exist without the help that is provided by stations and shows like this.
          Also wer'e at the Gov tonight playing through our three albums, gonna be pretty casual as the gov front bar is like our lounge room, we cut our teeth there and its a great joint to play.
        Will see you guys soon when i'm a little worse for wear, that seems to be quite popular with the crew who read this segment regularly, which the numbers seem to be growing, I know this because when I miss a day I get txts saying ''cmon, wheres the next one''
   I'm cross eyed now so see you soon

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