I think we'll be o.k

As we all know, the labor govnmnt, hon senator conroy, hasn't given us the piddly little 1.4 mil needed to save the digital section of the community sector, what I found out last night whilst talking to Jai on Triple u f.m, is that, there was so much outrage over the Amrap shortfall last year, that they robbed peter to pay paul, as in took the cash from one place to save another, but I reckon that even though we're all panicking, we should get the dough, fuck man, its a supposedly traditional left wing leaning party, the listener base would all be leftys, so you'd think that it'd be a good tactical move to be the hero who pushed it through, and dont worry people, i was wrong, there's not going to be a moment where all community drops off air, even if worst came to worst, which as i said it won't, i heard from a reliable source, that the f.m band is still going to be up, but dont stop signing that petition guys, bands like us could not flourish without community radio, it would be bad, we are so well known around the world for our good radio that mates of mine have a bootload of c.d's that get sent from all around the world because they want a spin in oz, thats a great thing, so yeah, thanks for your concern and emails, i think we'll be ok 

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