Individual big shout out of appreciation to

Thank you guys for being Striker Likers and to these individual pockets of places that have helped us get to our 5th record by spiritual, financial , emotional and elements of all of the aforementioned gestures that seem to get us over the line every time we need you guys. As iv'e said before, a band is a combination of art, passion, momentum, opportunity , luck , desire and a mutual purpose. The Band can't provide the whole of the circle on it's own and a matter of undeniable fact is, the achievements of a band are probably no more than a third of that line. There are books and daily blogs with pages upon pages of info on how the whole thing works so i'm not going to go into that here. Suffice to say thanks for playing us, listening to us, buying our records , visiting us and communicating with us here. A special shout out to the places where in the last month you guys bought our albums and therefore helped us enormously.

TULSA , SILVERTON ( OREGON U.S - NOT N.S.W IN AUSTRALIA ) SAN ANTONIO , OXFORD N.Y , MENIFREE , MANILLA , LEAGUE CITY , JOSHUA TREE , HIALEAH , ENCINITAS, CHENNAI , CEDAR FALLS , AUKLAND , COLOGNE , plus obviously all you guys here at home, the usual crew and hello to the newcomers.

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