Inner Fm-New Grooves-Sinking in Quicksand

 you can always trust the objectivity of radio enthusiasts when trying to pick a single, this in an absolute, we kinda felt SiQ was the next single, but now wer'e more sure, gramatically challenged, but more sure, Adrian Hook is going to be playing this tunes on his new grooves show, it's good timing for our melbs trip, bands would be fucked wothout the tireless efforts of the modest under rewarded pioneers of australian underground community radio, anyways where was i, yeah, we were unsure as siq is down a notch to quote the sage words of one of our own prestigous grads,  mmmnnn is there anything new in western popular music, being that it's a 80 y.old art form with only a finite amount of mathematical possibilitys suitable to the western ear, I would think that ''POP MUST BORROW FROM ITSELF'' but that's ok, where wasn't i, oh yeah, i was staring up at my certificate in professional and creative writing from Flinders and thinking where the fuck has my skill gone, honours in english, almost a doc, i'm a lazy slacker, and just too twisted and tired to care.........

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