Interview with Ceejay

If we have'nt said it before we'll say it again, the business music is a hard disillusioning slog and it is the appreciation and help that comes from the many radio enthusiasts out there who man the mics around this tiny blue ball that are the glue that stitches the industry together. These tireless coffee drinking, camel non filter/nicotine gum smoking/chewing obsessives are usually the first to discover new music as they are not playlisted and the recognition and exposure that are given to bands is what in the end keeps our spirits and drive up. It's also just plain exciting to think that there is in effect, freedom of expression in that nobody can censor these renegades, and ther'e no greasy nepotism that tends to fester in small pools in certain parts of every scene in the world, quite simply it becomes a merit based quality control, or lack of, that spews forth to our ears, and unfortuanetly, the platforms for exposure in the traditional formats are dying out, perhaps because when any movement becomes self conciouss and too inward looking it is the beginning of ''this sweet decline'' ( a band here i dig who's name fit my sentence ) and usually a new movement will come back in, which is usually a rejection of an older ideal that gets knocked off and replaced until that new movement does the same, you know, like punk, then grunge, then new new wave etc so on and so forth.......... better to burn out, than to fade away, my my hay hay

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  • Jezza
    Amen @ testify !!

    Amen @ testify !!

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