Late again

 Bloody hell I missed getting into WoWFM last night, I had my foot to the floor driving back from bordertown but just ran myself out of time, it's lucky flick is a great friend and knows me well and has forgiven me, now she's a great champion for S.A music tirelessly running her show on the smell of an oily bay at exon valdez, there needs to be more people doing this for music, quite often you hear people complaining here that the major bands don't come here but i think it's a two way street, it's as simple as get out and see a band and validate a muso, and help the culture rise up again to where it was say when the largs pier was in full speed, the Angels, cold Chisel, Fraternity, Lobby Lloyd, AC/DC John Swan, John ayers, etc etc etc etc, from what iv'e read, this period in a historical sense was the halcyon days for Adelaide music, i mean just because the art form is 70 years old doesn't mean it shouldn't be as exiting and groundbreaking as it was then, as i said if people want the image of here to improve in the eyes of the nation, get out and see a band, there are so many great bands here, anyway enough of that shit, no more will i be un organised, i'm getting a diary.

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