Menaces@Strikers-what a fun show

 We had a great time last night playing with our good friends and churning out some gut thumping grooves as each band stretched out playing as if for the stars in the sky. Also, how fucking great is it to play with a bunch of cats who are down to earth like ourselves, i mean not every band is a pack of arse wipes, but there are a lot of bands who are so far up their own rectums, you know the type of bands that dont flick you gig back after youve given them one and paid them good money, or whos punters leave after the set, or the band doesnt stay and support, or they believe the local hype means their just the bees knees, well not us and the Menaces, we all know where its at and it was just a good ol shin dig with friends and a good time was had by all, thank heavens for that, Respect!!

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