My K-9's

 I have the best dogs, I'm just sitting here watching cheers and my dogs are all crashed out on the lounge. Iv'e got three, Janis, Boris and Sandy. They are such good mates, you know, it's an obvious thing to say but dogs are just such devoted cool creatures. They don't give a rats how much money, status, power or lack of you have, they just like you for who you actually are as another animal and what your vibe is. My dogs are a lahasa apso, a maltese cross shitzu and a pup from the two. I gave away the other 6 pups to good people and the weird thing is I still see 5 of them at dog school every saturday and the whole tribe gets to catch up, that's janis, boris, sandy, kevin, princess, doug and sometimes charlie. the other nice couple who i don't see send me emails from the pup, they actually think i'm one of those twisted dog lovers i think, one who puts too much time into their animals and has no other life, that's my fault because when they came i just went over board with the dogs food requirements, shot schedule, personality, likes, dislikes etc etc etc, hey don't judge me, if youv'e evr seen a litter born you can't help but become enamoured, and i raised em, you should see my electricity bill from having the heater on in the kitchen for two solid weeks.
     But it's all worth it, theyr'e just my best buds

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