New Album Recording has Begun

as has the lego building process that this album is going to be. We've recorded under nearly every conceivable set of circumstances , from duress to vanity but finally we have the hard won good fortune of being able to take a little bit more time, a more deliberate and analized approach to each song and each piece of music. this only comes by having the benefit of time, time to let each song breath after recording the basic track, hitting every ones ears for a few weeks, new ideas inevitably coming up as people get their ears around it. With our last album we wanted to deliberately show our chops and live sound, revert back to a form that few bands around on the circuit today could emulate, raw unedited zero auto tune live playing, old school orchestra pit room mikes, spill and the unmistaken feel that you only get from playing together, live in the moment, together, looking at each other, interacting as pure as the live performance is minus the audience. That captured keeps a recording alive and not confined to any era. It's why so much older music still is played and thrives, people want humanity in their music. Our new album whilst having the foundations of this process will have guest players and musical layering, it will be a different direction for us and our greatest effort to date. 

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