New All Australian Show - The Rock Shed

Hello friends from around this little blue ball. I hope you're all doing as good as you can and things are going your way. I'm letting you know that there is new one off show in the works here in Australia that will be 3 hours of back to back, new and old Australian music. It will span the gamut of scenes and moments in time with a focus on real, passionate and " played it like you mean it " music. The Show will be this Friday from 6-10pm.

    The show is the brain child of Crazy Dave ( aka Dave Saul ) from Great Lakes FM 101.5 and will be hitting the airwaves from his award winning show " The Rock Shed " , which I know you guys have become aware of recently from reading our recent blog, thank you by the way, it's great to see how much reader interest you've shown toward the article. 

   For those from other countries I think this will be a great chance for you to aqaint yourself with this countries rich history of music and for the aficionados it will be a great conduit to both keep abreast of what's happening around the place and reiterate on all of the great releases out there spanning the decades. Again I'll keep you in the loop so you're able to stream the show.

    Until then, thanks for your feedback and keep it coming, Cheers Andrew 

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