PBS - 5 Years of support

 From Shock Treatment to Homebrew to Kinky Afro to Kev Lobotomy to petrol to all the ones I can't think of, where else would we be able to live, I saw that ShockmTreatment played So Fukn Restless and I was so relieved that it actually was able to be aired, because its a cool song, the swearing is part of the artistic integrity of the monologue the guy is having with himself as he works through his situation, not just stuck there for a cheap effect, it colloquial language at st purist and it's great that in Australia that there is a station that will play something of this nature, not that its even controversial, it's just that we have been turned away with our single To The Motel because some one got something that was unsavoury out of it, I can't comment, but we have to subscribe to as many stations as we can afford, we do our station here but we gotta go in on this station, I emailed our pledge, five years, thanks guys

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