Progress and where we are at present

 Well, oh yeah, hey, how you doing.? Well, it is with a large sigh of relief that I can report to you that it seems you, our core group of compadres decided that you like our new ep and sonic ambitions. Actually some of the zealots have gone batshit for it so we are both relieved and a little bit proud of our decision to go back to an antiquated recording method and go for feel over perfection. It gave us the courage to really hit our new album with a renewed vigour, we will still use the live tracking for the majority of the album but we may add some extra instrumentation, having the space to stretch out is something we ar ready for and as Keep Left showed, ther's a fair bit of different and varied tastes amongst the 4 of us. All I can say is, we are in a zone, the album zone where every non required piece of brain space wandered off into the whatever song, lick or musical bit you're in at that moment, and man, this time we have six months to do it, all our other Albums have been done in recording terms, quick, no indulgences, it hasn't been bad as all the song were gig tested and crafted from tons of plays, but to be able to take material home and listen to it over and over, I think will be a good thing for us and another first, hey guys, I could keep going but I got  five minutes to get to the post office, speak soon, take it easy.

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