R.I.P Smokin Joe Frazier

what a loss, the three fights between Ali and Frazier were at the pinicle of the sports history, never again will a fight stop a war, 1971 @ the garden, never again will we see a battle like the Thrilla in Manilla, '' We went there as champions and came back as old men '', the rivalry of Ali and Frazier was really just like two brothers, they loved each other, Ali may have gone a little too far in the taunts but he more than tried to make amends in the preceding years '' Man, he is tough, he is the greatest fighter in the world today behind me, if ever there's a holy war I want Joe on my side '', unfortunately Joe had a hard time forgiving, you can't blame him, I would urge all lovers of legend, all who like good drama to revise, start with ' When we were kings '' then the doco on ' The Thrilla in Manilla '' good bye Joe, your legacy will live on, standing across from your gym in philly, in what is called the ghetto, under the train line, one gets chills at the thought of a time when giants walked the earth.....

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