Radio Rock - and 'the Motherload'

We must thank Radio Rock and 2mce for their continued support of ourselves and Australian music, without the many dedicated dj's around the country such as the aforementioned, a lot of bands would find it hard to survive, both spiritually and financially. Spiritually in the sense that bands or anyone who makes art of any form needs a stage, a platform to showcase what they've put their blood sweat and tears into, financially in the sense that, people hear your stuff and then they may come and buy a cd, you only need a 1000 passionate fans to buy one cd each and youre well on your way to financing your next release, and with this country being so large, touring is expensive , so , when a station promotes you and someone gets turned on to your music you are doing well and are in debted to the people who put you out there to be heard, you can see when youve been spun, it shows in the visits and from what part of the country. We are fortunate, thanks to Radio Rock and all the other dj's around this little blue ball who help us.

   Also, we're starting the new album, the Motherload is its working title, number 5, it's going to be a dooooooosy, if we're anything we're eclectic, this ones kinda off the charts in that way, stay tuned.

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