Raw Radio Tribe F.M 91.1 - Corey Thornton - Baltimore Train

We got a spin today on Corey’s show, Raw Radio. Corey’s a mainstay around the Adelaide music scene having close coal face contact with the scene over the last two decades. 
  It’s something that all scenes need around Oz as otherwise there’d be no scene. Without people in the industry promoting it, artists, whatever their medium, be it music, painting, acting or poetry would lose heart because let’s face it, we all do it so that other people can see it, consume it, like it. If bands and artists didn’t have this drive, we’d not bother to record, release, curate our social media, tour and practice. Imagine that, there’d be no new art, that’d suck! 
  One of the other things Corey does to promote live music is South Coast Raw, that’s a gig that gets the punk, thrash and hard core scene together and it’s been a regularly successful gig, having some wild nights. It kinda helps that Corey is an A.V tech, this is very typical of us all, including the Strikers. The D. I. Y ethos alive and well, like with our album. I took the photos myself on my IPhone at Port Augusta at the broken down Pitchi Witchy railway station, so I relate as a lot of scenes are driven off the energy  of one person and a lot  of help from other crew around the driver. This is why we support the support that supports. 
   With a 95% local & Australian content Raw Radio is another important cog in a large consistently churning cog that keeps our culture alive !

peace Andrew xxxxxxxxx