Raymond Daniel Manzerek - Thank you

 Goodbye Ray, I'll miss you, you and your band got me through high school, you know, you feel like an outsider, does any body else feel like this !!!? you wonder, then you hear '' People are Strange '' and at that moment you know someone does, who is this band, then you go and buy the Doors and the frenetic latino beat of Break on through blasts through, and that's it, once the Doors music gets you, it never ever leaves you, it was' art for arts sake, not hits for fucks sake '( Don Arden ) Jim was very prescient when he insisted that they write on broad human macro subjects, things that are universal to us all, Ray you discovered the beat poet, you had the vision, you moved jim into your place, you championed the poetry long after he was gone until the point in 1980 when the Doors , thjrough a combination of American Prayer, apocolypse now an No one here gets out alive, sold more record than they did when they were a band, a band that was together for 52 months, period, 6 albums, all gold, a record at the time, the Doors were the first band big enough to fill stadiums, they began the whole big arena era that bands like the stones, zep etc would turn into a massive thing in the 1970's. I could keep going but to any doors afficionado, you know it all, its all there, what is a testament to the Ray and the band is that because they were film students they were wise enough to document some of the rolling chaos in 68 etc, Thanks Ray, for giving me something to hold on to, you were a 1960's idealogue, and some of the things you guys talked about however twee it may sound to people who don't get it, were essntially as true then as they are now, say hello to Danny sugarman, Jack Holzman,Jim, Jim H, Brian J, the whole club, Janis last words, last words, out.

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