Salvi's Fine guitars - Saves my sentimental and abused Seagull - Again

You know what i'm thankful for? well i'm glad you asked. I'm thankful that there are still highly gifted aficionados who run small service orientated businesses that don't subscribe to the theory of ' What can i get from you " but live the ethos of ' What can i do for you ". My poor old girl, frayed and beaten from much ill use and sloppy rhythm playing needed some expert craftsmanship. Now with the rise of consumerism and the ' buy a new one, just keep filling up the landfills ' abounding in the modern age at the behest of the mass media and the propaganda machine that tries and makes people feel less if they aren't constantly updating to new and shinier things, it is a great relief to know that there are still dedicated sentinels who guard the gates against this vile and planet destroying ethos. I hear you think, it's just a guitar?, well that may be so, i'm only one person, but we are all only one person and all have to start somewhere. I had almost given in and was thinking, string her up in the pool room as some sort of decoration, and it would have been a far more profitable venture for Steve to sell me a new guitar, but some people are not false prophets. If we do not patronise these joints the big boys will hold us to ransom, you may want to think about that the next time you are about to exchange money for goods and services. I'm going to revert to type now and exclaim, '' fuck does she smell good, sound good and feel good!, apart from my mojo being washed off, i.e. my finger grease, blood and sweat ( which needed to be done ) , she smells clean, freshly laundered and ready for another 12 months of bashing, until I inevitably get caught in a late night windmill, too close to a fixed atomic structure, lose my balance because of my shaky sense of rhythm, and break her neck, again '' it's comforting to know that I have done my part to keep a local service, servicing...

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  • Striker Chris
    Striker Chris Ocean Blue
    My poor long lost baby. why did I ever let you go out to pasture with such a beastly master

    My poor long lost baby. why did I ever let you go out to pasture with such a beastly master

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