Saving the road bird

 I freaking ran over a bird on the way home, i was like ' no no no don't fly there' then the flurry and horrible thud and splash of feathers, as i glanced in the rearview mirror i noticed the poor thing was moving so i had no choice but to go back. I have this bad weird alignment karma thing going on because of some shit that went down a while back where i made deals with whatever the big power is and i get really tripped up now if i nudge anything in the universe that might put it out of wack, so you could say that it wasn't pure altruism that made me turn around and go back, but a combo of being a considerate co habitator in the universe and a life long debt to the great creator of being, who or what ever that is. Anyhow i got back and i thought the bird was a goner, it's wing was skewed and it didnt look well, blinking in a slow succession of acceptance to it's fete, anyhow i wrapped it in my beanie and got it home, i put it up on the front table where i am now and put out some crumbled weatbix and water and put dribbles of water on its beak, and gradually it went from a puffed up ruffled mess to a normal size, it was a young top notch, the kind my gramp reckons he ate a lot of during the depression in order not tto starve, it got better and better and in an hour or so's time made a rush for the door, smacking full pelt into the flyscreen and plummeting to the carpet, i went, '' bird, no'' and opened up the door and it walked out, preened itself , looked back and flew up onto my trailer, there it contemplated its next move and spreading its wings took off, thank god for that, i'm so glad i bothered to turn around and go back, it's been a good day for man and bird alike.

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