Sour Grapes

 Are tasty Raisons, this is the type of thing that springs to mind at 5 god damn thirty in the morning, stupid body clock, went down at 4, thought id be awake no more, then an eye did open at five, more bloodshot dead than alive, what will be haaappening at 6, i may be eating wheat bix, if at 7 all else fails, ill go to the servo and get the sunday mail, i know thats a crappy ryhme, i do, but you try poetry on day two, thats 48 straight hours awake, and once again my head is baked, which brings me to my final point, could be time to spark up a joint savings account with mrs mendleson next door, we'll call it the xmas savings account and we'll be way ahead of chrisco.
Ali bombaye Ali bombaye Ali bombaye, what a fighter, and what a man, you can do anything you want to a sleeping elephant, but when it wakes up, do you dig how my uni training forces me to look for the non gender specific word for the noun, it's fucking stupid to de masculanise and de feminise the language in the quest for political fucking correctness, hers why, wer'e fucking taught that a ship is a she and in most cases the language in the elephants case would be a him, but no, even though their aint a non gender specif variant for the english language, now we have to search for one or write he/she, what a bunch of frog manure, i mean cmon, do we talk that way, she/he's a beautiful ship, etc, fuck dr ...... ......, now iv'e got my piece of paper on the wall you can go sit on it, mmmnnnmmmnnnn, anyway, where wasnt i, we met the enemy and they is us, thats a world war 1 saying when the opposing troops on the fronts started to realise that wars are started by old men so young men can die, basically they became mates until the generals found out that fighting had died down and ordered a thing called morning fury, youll have to look that up or do 3 years of modern european history or, yeah just google it.

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