Staying up watching rage,an australian tradition

 I used to sit up choofing away watching rage, it's an australian thing, in s.a you tend to get pretty twisted, we had fairly liberal laws on harm reduction towards perceived softer drugs, and I loved getting twisted and watching the box, dreaming how I could do it too, and in the last year it's happened four times so far, and next week again, now that's the beauty of this country, you get a fair go for wealth for toil, and the ABC is an old lefty station from wayback so gives everyone a go under it's egalitarian left wing art minded ethos, and that's a great thing for musos who want to be bothered making art in the medium of film as well as music, wev'e done all our own clips so far, and it's hard work but great fun, and to have the platform of national tv to air it on, gives a band the inspiration to try, fuck the crap commercialism of god damn seal the sell out, benji the has been never really was and keef urban, like get higher steps if your'e gonna stand next to botox kidman, now delta, she reminds me of olivia neutron bomb, so she can get by unscathed here, but yeah, love this country, love it's committment to the arts,love the artists, the mad ones, the weird and twisted, long live the king.

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