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 These stations are the life blood of Australian music, without them we will be subjected to kitty petting, baby kissing, corporate cookie cutter shit. They are not play listed and they are run by volunteers. As Myf Warhurst said on RRR today, every other station has an agenda, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so what you get is not music made out of a burning artistic neccesity, but multi national card board cut out music, written by algorythmic statititians designed to be disposable and appeal to buyers of soap.

          Bands you should be subscribing without even being prompted, if you don't fit Auntys mission statement where else do you have a platform? no where. 

   Once again we'd like to thank the oz community network who have supported us and made it possible for us to be self sustaining, without you we would never have got known outside of Adelaide, well we may have done but it would have been a much much harder run, it's hard as it is but I think a lot of bands underestimate the power and reach of community stations, instead hinging everything on the hope that aunty will pick them up. Big mistake.

                                   Lobby for govermnment funding for Amrap, we need this great service, personally for us we have seen the effect of one good run from from an amrap send out, we have been able to create a great little platform for our music because of the combination of Amrap,community stations and hard work.

             Let's get back to Whitlams vision for the arts...... didn't plato have something to say about the importance of artistic expression and a harmonious populus?

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