SurfGuitar101-Whorehay-Radio Free Bakersfield - Revisited

 Hey to all you like minded Riders on the storm, nice to make your aquantance, it's good to hear from you all and as it seems that this is where a shit load of our traffic is coming from in the last little while, we just wanted to acknowledge that, well, this is excellent, it is a good god damned and god blessed thing that we know that somewhere on this little blue ball, other permutations of the carbon atom are travelling to the surf in their cobis, or mercs, or vee dubs and playing our tunes in the car as they prepare to surf, this is what we do it for, as anyone can hear, there's a lot, because music just reflects the lives of those who create it, there's a lot of surf elements to our sound and its good that people have hooked on to that, Ride on, ride on, ride on, standing on the edge of the road, thumb in the air, one of these days im going to change my evil ways, huh, one of these days.

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