Thanks for the help/new single

 Without sounding like a hippy twat, ther's a great big circle of excellent Karma happening for us atm, wev'e had some great help and are seeing the fruition of years of hard work coming in to play.Whats nice to know is with our band, wev'e built everything on a solid foundation, theres been no bullshit hype or gimmicky stuff, wev'e just put our heads down and got on with what we do, we just basically decided at the begining to do it a certain way. That was preety simple, play gigs where ever people like us, release an ep every year and just do what we do, dont worry about trends or try to pander to popular music taste, just do good work and enjoy ourselves and hope that it will translate to other people, at the moment wev'e had a lot of help from people in the music community who have liked the album and have put us onto good things, it's validating, at home wer'e getting good support too, wer'e starting to get a feel for what the next single may be because of what songs the community networks have leaned towards off the album, its really hard for a band to be objective and we are so over analysing every thing because we obviously want to follow madboy with the strongest song.
Anyhow like any business, a band is a living breathing organism, it needs constant attention and pruning, theres so much to do, especially when your'e a self managed band and everything is up to us, some people have the grass is greener attitude when they look at another business, i'm here to tell you that it aint always so and the grass is greener because of all the shit that youve had to pile on it to make it grow, and you need to be constantly fertilising it, you make your own luck, times have changed, we dont live in an era where a record company is going to ''develop' a band or a manager on a white horse is going to pluck you out of obscurity and make you a name, no, the industry has less money because of the loss of revenue streams because of the internet and competing technologys and arts, so even if you do get signed, a label will only pick you up when youve proved that you can sell 3000 units on your own and have done the hard yard, aint a two album wonder and have shown that youre a stable unit who is doing the work. And on that note a lot of bands dont want a deal, they want to remain independant so they can keep control of their own direction, and a lot of good bands get dropped quickly once theyre deemed a non profitabel entity by a label, gone are the boutique labels that were like a family, like atlantic was, or elektra, look in our own backyard, the vasco era a great band but no longer have a label, trial kennedy, a great band with a great live act and loyal following but dropped off their label but both of these bands have gone it alone and produced excellent work and toured to sold out shows, this is what the modern musical landscape is, i think bands probably in the early stages rely too much on australia post, it's a nice thought that you could post in something and get a manager or a deal, but it's so unlikely, australia has the combined population of L.A and the industry is very small and insular so if youre doing something, you'll be found, their aint no undiscovered Strokes around, you stick to it and youll get people to like your music, you have to define what success is, to us it's being able to rock up to melb, syd, brissie, perth dubbo, ballarat etc etc and pull 100 people to a gig, other bands may have different aspirations but whatever they are a band needs to define it's aims and then just work toward that, one small bite at a time, if youre fortunate enough to get j support that will undoubtably make your touring easier, but you can do more than fine by community support and that medium isnt playlisted and can take chances that its big sister cant, i mean look, wolfmother was getting so much community support before anybody else knew about them, i think FbI were the first to play their stuff anywhere, so that is where you want and need to be, so many bands waste time by neglecting this and believe that it's the national broadcaster or nothing and neglect this invaluable resource, bad move, i dont know what or where im going with this blog, do i sound sage, or like im talking at a music convention, well i dont know but i do know that like any career there is tried and true pathways, gotta love this country

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