Thanks to all of our supporters- just hit 5000 downloads of Keep left

 Hey peoples, it gives us immense satisfaction to have hit 5k free downloads of our album keep left. Some people say, '' man you shouldn't make it free, your'e losing cash'' well that's kinda true but kinda not. We look at it as, our friends and supporters on here are the ones who deserve as an act of reciprocity because you have been with us for the journey and we know that we still make money off off cdbaby and itunes for the less engaged but curious strikers fans who we'll convert to our cult, ooops, i said too much, ummmn, who may end up coming over here and joining the family.  Also as I keep reminding the more upwardly wanna be capitalists amongst our camp, i'd rather have the music in peoples ears than not especially over money.

         Anyhow, to our new friends from Owling and Warsaw and Japan and upstate new york and the ones i can't recall atm, welcome, enjoy, contribute, and if you want updated info, join the mailing list.

                                             To The Motel - new album soon

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