Thanks to the Dj's who help spread the gospel

Thanks to Forrister, Nick, Maragaret, Dale, Brendan, Dirty Harry or Ben, the Midday Mix Man, Cj, Mr Munday, Justin T, Cat catty cat, Cameron M, hedgehog, essence of punk, Inner FM, Kevin the man who likes birds and punk, Chris J- ballsack, Angela, Michelle in the mountains, Sarah who lost her dreads but is looking fine, Punch drunk rambler, Mr Goolari, all3d, The Range r.a, Ben jasmine, Ugly Ugly Phil, Craig the best surf videographer in oz, Nick the motor cross , now fishing king, Rev Heads, ifish, 7mate, kscr, all the college stations in the states who've consistently spun us, our new Eastern European friends, Radio Poland, R 252, amrap, 
i could keep going but don't want to miss anyone or name anyone above anyone else, thanks to you all for your continued and consistent support, particularly of the new single, we couldn't do it without you guys, as soon as I've logged off, I'll remember more names

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