The Freedom to be-the greatest gift

 You know I got to say people, it's a gift that you don't expect us to keep churning out the same record over and over, we have great faith in you guys and are comfortable enough in your loyalty that we do feel free to just do what we like without having to try and replicate ourselves or worry about throwing you off as we take another sojourn and broaden our vistas. The palette is expansive and as we've begun writing we are heading to kooksville. Kooksville is a little town inside our brain where the influences of our lives are converted into existentialist expressions of truth, justice and the Australian way, of course you know this narrator by now and even as we type we know there could be a little tongue in cheek, what iv'e said is true though, i would just never say it outside of this inner sanctum, you know, i do know about grammar and punctuation, i just can't be bothered with full stops or spell check. So yeah, here we go again, friday night is writing night for the band, we gather together, get well loose and hit the room. That's the way to do it, it's the first stroke on the canvas and we feel like we have something to prove to you and ourselves and what that is, we don't know. Maybe it's just that we want to do a bit of hyper prog bombast coupled with some swampy delta dread, melded with proto punk and infused with ragas and latin grooves that remember a circle of fifths quoting Bach.It will remind you of memphis 40 years ago 100 years in to the future if you get my drift. you do know that there is a code in here that's sending messages to secret enclaves in the muldives, it's the only way to fool Mi5 and get around the oppresive regime of tyranny that fetters us all to uphold the rights of a few at the expense of many. 

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