the playboys

 Were a great band, who backed up Normie Rowe I believe, and at the moment I fucking love Victorias community network for pummeling our songs and album, including a dude who has his own show and was a member of the Playboys, the Bass Player, but as Vic and melbs is the closest city to us and state we are targeting our blitzkreig there first and you know what, it's a hell of a lot easier when your getting your tunes played on radio, It is hard but satisying pushing the message, but when you wash off the trip after the first night of decent sleep, you wake up, then it's all worth while, so anyway, we do a gig sat night at the gov, wer'e knocking out two sets, then down at the jbar next sat with the electric sunkings from ballarat, then across to the brunswick, the prague, then revolver then ballarat. i love pawn stars, i gots to get me some money

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