They killed Kenny

 Hello, is there anybody in there, just nod if you can here me, do you feel a little sick......... Well i'm here to tell you that i'm all turned around on the subject of the love boat, it just crept up on me, yes yes yes , i know i said i hated it, but i hated skinny jeans when they came out too, it's just that it's a really good show, there's always three sub plots, and storys within the story, captain stubing, or meryl as his friends know him, is a dude, and gopher, well he's a cool cat, not to mention the chick who meets and greets, can't remeber her name at the now, but she's one hot mumma in a 1970's sorta way, apparently she ended up on a heap of coke and was preety much blackbanned from hollywood because of it, not that iv'e been reading the wiki or anything, anyhow, gotsta go, it's time for the love boat.    love ya andrew

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