thought for food

 People fight for freedom, then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves.
I may disapprove of what you say,but will defend to the death your right to say it.    
Just a couple of little reminders that have stayed in my head since I first heard them, you know it's a saddening fact that today in this lucky country so many people seem to be on auto pilot, like theyr'e programed from birth to just accept the status quo and buy into the restrictive routine that wer'e all sold from the time we can talk. Who benifits from the whole work sleep eat travel work sleep eat routine, in a world where the possibilities of nano technology are here, when will we give up this dated concept and create a society where people can excercise their humanity, why have we stopped striving for a democratic socialist utopia? Who's driving this train, the whole concept of consumerism, how do you re educate a whole populace without being seen as a leftist radical, you know when you wipe the window clean and see what it could be, it's hard not to be disturbed. 
 I always end up back at marx, even though he wrote in a time where the industrial revolution was relatively new, he saw what the problem was, i aint no commie, i'm certainly a socialist, more a social democrat if there has to be a label, fuck me dead iv'e been awake too long, ideas are getting a bit too expansive and noble, might be time to shut my yap hole and forget all about it, fuck it, i'm buying a commodore tomorrow having two kids and getting myself into a debt spiral, then i'll get married and have a stroke, all before five, i feel like i owe it to myself.

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