Tomatrax Review - To The Motel

 One of the first on board and one of our earliest supporters was triplej super user Tomatrax. We just got a 4 and 1 half tomatoes which is our highest yet, fuck bands need this type of support because it can become very lonely out here, perticularly if you don't belong in any particular scene, thank fuck a few bands around town have given us the welcome matt lately, also Chris Coxhill of juke box jungle was the first person ever to spin us anywhere on his show and continued to support us from the very beginning to answer one of the questions you guys sent through, that was in 08. This sort of validation keeps the fire in your belly, makes it worthwhile and I can hear the screaming cinics saying '' don't ya just do it coz ya love it ?! '' well yeah but bands are bullshitting themselves if they say they don't want acceptance and the largest possible audience, maybe it's a defence mechanism against failure,' ahhh I don't care', ;; if that was the case why would you step over your grand mother to get that support etc so on and so forth, anyhow Tomatrax is right, we are on a charge and all cylinders are firing in the strikers camp, with the look of a battered prize fighter our eyes may be glazed, we aint too young to admit it and wer'e not to old to try, but we sure are hard to beat.

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