Unsigned Oz W.A RedFm-Justin Thomson

 Hey guys, we really appreciate you tuning in to listen to us on Unsigned oz last Sunday, we want you to tune in again, I know I know, you're thinking ' they're one of the few bands that don't bombard us with requests to vote here and sign that, trying make some girl who tells me baby better come back maybe next week , cause it seems i'm on a losing streak, ooops, that sentence led me into that, buuuut, if you could just do it again and let me know, or let Justin know, I will send you a physical copy of all our albums or something, maybe do something goofy, but it really helps us out and being the largest station in the Southern hemisphere it really pushes us out there, you have no idea how many more hits from W.A we're getting since the spins, not too shabby hey, and look, it's great for us generally and gives us fire in guts to keep on charging on, so text me, call me, email me, telepathically send me the vibes, no don't do the last one, I need the proof, I always write back don't I, yes I do, love your guts super strikers....

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