Unsigned OZ with Justin Thomson on RedFM WAFM

Hey Guys, two things ,  to all our new found friends in the west, you know the drill, just tune in tonight and let us know, pretty happy with the way in which you've picked up on our total sound and sense of humour in our music and we're glad to know you're keen as we are for the new one, secondly, thanks for letting us know about the hackers, on every occasion, but particularly the one on here which, as we've managed to find out, is just a bunch of dick wads from here who don't understand that in music, like anything else in life, you make your own luck, you work hard, you persist by persisting , you put in the hours number one on the most imporstant thing, your ability to master the medium, your instrument. There's a perception that the di are loaded in this game and yes, it might have been so in the past but as a lot of Australian bands are showing, a lot of worldwide bands, you can get around any local bias and clique, any obstacle any thing that might be a challenge and get your music out to the most important people , your supporters , with the help of dj's if you're lucky , but that luck is also made in a way as dj's respect playing, persistence and bands who have depth of character , they are not as a rule, aside from certain small groups, biased by anything and usually are music afficianados with a deep passion and a need to share what they have found and get it to the ears of other people........ see you guys tonight, rememeber the time difference if you are streaming

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