Watching Ellen waiting for Tony

 got a phone in at 1.45 today, gotta wait for tony to buzz me from 2EL FM, it's a thankless task, that is i never answer my phone as i have 'acute onset late stage answerphoneaphobia' and screen all my calls, this has been brought about because i run my own business and get sick of dribbling shit when it's inconvieniant to me, and especially when i'm on the job, busting my arse, the last thing i want to be doing is talking about more ass busting and being a free information service for the general population ' hi jim bobludunctaturnikoff here, i'm trying to do this to my ------ and i was hoping you could tell me how id go about it'' yeah mate because i love giving away my time and experience without any monetary compensation, how about you go and do your job, then at the end of the week the boss goes to you '' hey bob can ya invoice me'' another pet peeve, like how do these people think small business survives, do they go down to woolies and at the checkout say, '' hey woolies can you invoice me for that bag of groceries, one of the god damn worst things i'm finding is, '' can you gimme your bank details and i'll transfer it tonight, which translates to '' iv'e decided that from all appearances that your'e a soft touch, and i'm a bit short of cash so i'll promise to pay you and then wait for two texts, three missed calls and a posted invoice that makes you, the guy who's done the job feel like a scum bag for asking for what is rightly mine, to eventually put the cash through 3 weeks later " it gives me the shits but you'd be surprised at how many people do this thinking that business runs on some sort of divine good will, nah, we don't have bills, creditors, employees, etc etc etc, iv'e decided to end it soon, i'm either getting a machine to take card payments or just stopping it all together, i mean the reason i do it is its easier to keep track of your earnings and it can be convieniant, but fuck it, i mean whats wrong with cash, or cheque, is it a dirty word to pay on completion, like, i don't go and get my tyres changed and ask to inet it. Let me tell you though, as an accumulative reaction to being scewed en masse, iv'e been getting really hard '' no that's ok i'll come past and collect it after work, or ''oh ok. that's fine if your'e not home till ten i'll be in your area and i'll just drop in, soon itl be '' no we dont do inet......... anyhow so yeah 1.45 and i'll have to pick up, and another thing, why the fuck do people have private numbers, i mean nobody answers them for fear of offshore marketing companies trying to pretend theyr'e telstra, cmon, get a number or go through to voice mail.
it's going to be a bit of a blast in a couple of weeks when we begin to gig behind our album, keen as to go out and deliver the messsage through pounding whorls of amplified tribal wander lust, dun ba ba ba, duna duna duna duna dun dun da da, duna duna duna dun dun da da, wowwwwwwww screeeeeeeech vvvvvvvvrrrrrrerrrrch pause bowwwwwwwwwwww eh chi cho ip ep ep ep yooow uh uh uh, ya yea yeah dom dom dom dom dom - don.. don.. fffzzzzzzz...    thank you thank you, wooh yeah, few, hot hay, thanks yeah wer'e happy to be here to, feeling pretty good the applause always kills our nerves and gives us a spur on ok ok ok, this next song is off our new album and its called. . . . .    tik tik tik tik ddfff ddfff dfff ddfff ddffff dum tap dum tap dum tap dum tap pa dum tap dum tap pa dum tap dum tap ''well i donnne care bout whare yoareeee bow bow ba bow bow ba bow bow bow bow ba bowwww ann you can sail thru tha las sa fairrrrr da da da da da da da daaa da da ba bow wow wow bline freddy wha wen wron... open yow eye and move out get it on, take yo time what did you know lovin my life as a beatnik an you gotta lofe meh lovve me an im guna do da reh do da rehst an yow godda git ma bodi dowwn woah ah woa run away run away

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