We couldn't have got this far without

 You, the people who like our music, be it the listener, the listener who is also the  m/d of a show, a show on the plethora of stations that give us the incalculable gift of sharing our music, to the inter web phantoms who have found us through their own explorations weeding out the tons of stuff they don't like and then finding us, and sticking with us, to the middle class cool dudes in a lot of European cities who shell out their hard earned euros because we remind them of a time when certain bands stood for things, to the guys who don't have the coin in certain places but take us up on our policy and take what is our gift to them immediately repaid in that, they want to listen to us in the first place, so thank you all on this little blue ball, we are all just in a big circle but you have kept this little creative hub going for five years, we thank all of you.

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