We get the Funding for Community Radio

 Well thank Senator Conroy for coming up with the funds needed to save our service, so many others have gone into this so deeply that you don't need me to re hash the news, but it means that we, William Street Strikers can continue to flourish in this big ol beautiful country that has traditionally produced fantastic artists in all genres, this is just another sector, as Iv'e said to you guys, through the support of the com sector we can survive and prosper at a level that we are comfortable with, not have to compromise our art and know that fellow music seekers have a chance of hearing us, as a token, and we intend to do it to as many as possible, we subscribed to PBS, 4ZzZ and of course our hometown Three D Radio, so we're trying to pay back the suppport, another 300 to go, but in all freaking seriousness, praise whatever the Lord means to you, strange, left of centre kooky bands like us STILL HAVE A HOME, that is all for now compadres, have a good weekend, peace.

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