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 As in i've aquiessed and logged in and am starting to understand the wak of the twitting universe, if you want to hear everything that you get here, in our newsletters, blogs etc , only in abbreviated form and more spontaneous ( if that's possible ) form , join us, for you guys in Canada, do join, we love your democratic socialism and the compassionate society that you have created, which is what Australia is based on, egalitarian ethos, as long as we keep out the new Right which is doing it's best to erode the principles set up after ww2 so that the same pre war conditions that we're running rampant through europe do not raise their ugly heads again, short memory must have a short memory

              each to their own

  we met the enemy and they is us

                                                                    you get it right, if one person has a problem it's everyones problem

we're all, each of us, just doing what we do to get by, whatever gets you through the night, it's alright......

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