What Has Australia become, turn left at Greenland

 I know the deputy Prime Minister has to follow the lead of Fair shake of the sauce bottle, which sounded as bad as Howard looked in an Akubra, and I know we have to keep the grinning Fascist out, but where's our humanity gone.? The scare tactic of it bleeds it leads has made us forget the facts, and, led us , to become such a scared nation, and the counter punch by GF,yeah good comeback potz, where's the fair go gone, where's the compassion, even when it was the populate or perish era and people had less access to free thinking media, we worked out pretty quickly, that, those "foreigeiners" were in fact, great for everyone in all manner of ways, let me tell you how Australia really has been, we are like a giant bowaconstrictor in regards to immigrant population, we have, in periods,  had large influxes, ie, those beautiful hot blooded Europeans after ww2, then the wonderful and industrious Vietnamese, ok so the snake, he eats a big rat, you can see the meal as a little bulge in the snake for a while, then in a generation, were all having barbecues, driving commodores and saying g'day mate, we all get along,we are such a good people that we rub off , does anyone remember the lamb add, "so where are you from?" To a Vietnamese girl, " uuuuummmn Ballarat Mr Smith" in a great big broad Aussie voice, c'mon guys, you don't like Pizza? Why can't we just look at the flip side, we are one of the best economy's, we need a few more, births are falling,m population is ageing, if you don't want to be altruistic and just look at it from the wifm (what's in it for me ), c'mon Australia.

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