Why Adelaide id the best environment to make art in Australia

 Because the standard of living is great, the cost of living is reasonable, you can get by without having to work sleep eat travel work sleep eat and I mean cmon, what's the point of uping stumps, relocating to get closer to where the industry is if you don't have to, the industry will find you, it's not hard to jump in the van and go and gig, or get a flight , ummmmmmnnnn, clarification, we have upped stumps before in various incarnations and it can be good, but it can be bad, on the balance of things, better to stay where you are, knuckle down, winter here is a great time to stay up all friggin night, smoke the plentiful herbal ciggarrettes that are of worldwide renown, like if your'e in frisco they'll find out you're from here and go ' man you got any of the local maaan ' it's true, and if you need that type of fuel, well here is great, so yeah, you can do art here, you can exercise your humanity, you can contribute a verse......... the weather at this time of year, gotta love it, anyhow it's nice out and i'm dappled and drowsy so I may just go sit under my tree on the grass and pluck a few notes or pen a few poems or just lay around

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